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Tammy Abraham is allegedly the striker Moyes wants this summer but is one enough? we all no it will not be so how about getting Abraham in say for £35million tops and filling in with two other free transfers in one our old favourite linked again to us and thats Josh King and the other is Benteke now i no you all thought i was going to say Assombalonga:-) but serious thoughts if we did these deals would you consider it a decent bit of business or just think two carthorses and one bit overpriced from chelski?

And back to being a laughing stock!

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We all know Moyes is a traditionalist, 1 up front is his game ,sure Benteke would fit right in with him ,not my cup of tea though bit of a JCB ,but little can compare with his heading skills ,on his day ,his career scoring rate isnt that impressive, as for Abrahams cant say ive seen much of him ,his goal rate is a bit better than Benteke but nowhere near 35 - 40 million ,if you ask me any club asking for that kind of dosh for a player who cant catch a first team place is a bit suspect ,i would have thought that if Dec is staying it would entice a much more ambitious wanted list , Abrahams & Benteke ,at most mediocre at worst championship material

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His name is yet again heavily linked with us and Moyes as its reported willing to go to £35million for the i have never seen him play not bothered looking up on you tube etc but i do have to ask the question why? have we not had our fingers burned before by oversea strikers who seemingly are goal machines but when they arrive are well obviously a pup we have been sold...from Raducioiu/Boogers/Maiga/Zaza/Abou/Haller....when will we learn at least we got away with Batshit turning us down 3 times thank god for small mercies there.......Now i am not saying Tammy Abrahams would be the answer but for goodness sake he knows the league he scores regular in the league he is a London boy so no settling in issues but he just does not seem to be the kind of player Moyes is looking for and i fear we are going to get our fingers burnt yet again from the foreign striker market...Freddie Kanoutes only turn up once in a blue moon and this club aint that lucky to find another like him.

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Agree, better a known quantity, than an unknown liability.

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