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It's Happened Again!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Mon, 05/04/2021 - 12:55

What is it with West Ham and players getting crocked while on international duty? The news that every Hammers fan dreaded, but in a way anticipated, of the injury Declan Rice picked up while playing against Poland has been greeted with as much doom and gloom as can be shown.

West Ham were, or still are, on the threshold of attaining a Champions league place, but news of Rice's injury is the biggest downer fans could possibly have received, the incredibly influential midfielder is definitely out of tonight's squad facing Wolves at Molineaux, but there is a distinct possibility he may well be out for the rest of the season.

This could have a serous impact on Gareth Southgate's plans for the Euro's, but pardon our French, "bugger Southgate!" Rice is yet another Hammer to be sidelined by an injury picked up while playing for his country, he joins Manu Lanzini, and before him Dean Ashton as well as David James, as yet another casualty.

Fans are rightly proud of seeing their players on the International stage, but it comes at a cost, unfortunately the cost of Rice's injury is almost inestimable, but it probably has put to bed any chances the club had of finishing in the top four, even the top six now looks unlikely!

Moyes will probably start Mark Noble in Declan's place, and the team will inevitably go on to lose the game, as they have done in every other match that the 'captain' has started thus far in the season, it could only happen to West Ham! - Ed



This is what really pisses me off with this International crap,Rice hasnt missed a game for us for as long as i dont know,but now we will suffer,i have no time for any of it,club football is far better.

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Didn't even watch the games in the week,its only good when the finals are on & everyones in the spirit down the pub,but we always go out to penaltys or bottle it against better opposition

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deflated like every other hammer today because we all know Moyes will start Noble but he should not and if the injury is as bad as you say Nev well we will drop down the table.
No Rice means Soucek has to change his game which will impact what we do if Moyes is brave and plays Fornals then maybe Soucek can continue to menace opposing defences with his aerial ability but like i said and every one of us knows Noble will start, Wolves have far to many quick players and he will be lost like a fiat panda on a Motorway as everything shoots pass him.

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What was feared has happened; the national team break caused Rice to be injured. It is true that Moyes will almost certainly start with Noble, who is still our captain and will always honor the shirt and the armband, but Moyes also knows that to be more offensive and create more problems for his opponents he must play with Fornals. This must not bring us down, we are fighting for Europe

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Is we're a one man team. Declan Rice, 1 goal, 1 assist this season. Let's see how Moyes sets his team up. ( I won't be holding my breath, but nor will I put a defeat down to one man )

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he might bring arthur back or at least on the bench will be interesting game to say the least

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I effing hate International football with a passion. They've gone and created too many games by allowing every shite country in the world an opportunity to play. Why we're playing 3 games in two weeks against inc against whipping boys San Marino is a disgrace. FIFA are becoming irrelevant with the increasing influence and money in club football and forcing more games and tournaments into increasing club schedules is going to come to a head sooner rather than later

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