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Shake Your Booty!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Mon, 22/05/2023 - 19:14

You can tell it is approaching the end of the domestic football season as al sorts of rumours, some scurrilous others plain ridiculous, begin to 'emerge' from under the rocks that they usually dwell in. If this sounds like an attack on the press then so be it, having done or actively doing the 'Dec to the Gooners' and a whole list of other clubs whose manager might have mentioned that they would 'like' Rice at their club, most have moved on and their latest 'offering' is the 'fake sheik', or to be more accurate the financial wolf in sheik's clothing!

Manchester United bidder Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani has apparently turned his attentions to West Ham and Tottingham in order to break the current impasse he is experiencing while trying to deal with the Glazer family who own Manchester's 2nd club and are demanding eye watering money for.

Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani was a high profile banker, once chairman of the Qatar Islamic Bank, we'll call him 'Shaka' to save trees, is growing tired of the process and will NOT get involved in a bidding war with Sir Jim Ratcliffe in an attempt to take over at Old Trafford. He marked out his intentions early in the process, pushing for a 100 per cent takeover and remains in contention as the Glazer family weigh up their options after launching a final take it or leave it offer.

Ratcliffe is the INEOS billionaire involved with European sides Nice and Lausanne, he is also involved in Formula 1 and is yet another person who claims to have been a Manchester United supporter for their entire lives, yes really!

According to El Pais and a whole host of other media outlets, Hammers could be in line for an approach from Shaka despite Tottingham previously being mentioned as potential targets for the Qatari bid. West Ham have already become an investment for Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky since 2021 when he acquired a 27% stake in the club, though David Sullivan remains the majority shareholder and David Gold's shares are still in probate as he had not written an up to date will before his passing, which leaves his assets intestate until resolved by Lawyers and the Inland Revenue.

West Ham have had a dreadful season which started poorly and got progressively worse, however the team hit form just at the right time having flirted with relegation from the Premier League this season. Victory over Manchester United helped ensure Hammers survival, while they finished one place behind the Mancs in 2021-22.

David Moyes' side have had impressive European campaigns over the last two seasons. After reaching the semi-finals of the Europa League in 2022, one step further than Erik ten Hag's Man Utd achieved this season, they beat AZ Alkmaar to qualify for the final of this season's Europa Conference League.

Like we have said" It's a Mickey Mouse Cup" but who doesn't like Mickey Mouse? You can betway your house on how much this season's Euro profile helped make the club attractive to Shaka, the Stadium COULD be made fit for purpose but their is one big elephant in the room, that is Shaka is broke! Not in the not enough money to pay his electricity bills way, but his listed worth is lower than David Sullivan's and is dwarfed by that of Daniel Kretinsky's, so any money invested via Shaka would be borrowed, not exactly Man City or Newcastle and there is also the very considerable question: "do fans want the club to be owned by what some see as a 'Pariah' state that is trying to Sprortswash it's image?

Yes there would be plenty of borrowed money available but the club could well lose it's soul. - Ed



It would be just like the Icelandics again! Only at Westham could we get taken over by an Arab & the geezer would end up Brassic!!

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