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Giraffe Time-Toon Want Pacman For £50 Million- Try Triple That!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sun, 17/09/2023 - 10:23

Newcastle are the latest club to have 'expressed an interest' in acquiring Hammers mercurial midfielder Lucas Paqueta, and the Toon are apparently prepared to offer the princely sum of £50 Million for the Brazilian who signed for Hammers last season in a deal that would be finally worth around £52 Million with add ons!

So why on earth would West Ham even countenance the sale of Paqueta? Well as is common knowledge, EVERY player has his price and Hammers were offered around £80 Million for 'Pacman' before the betting scandal engulfed the deal putting it on hold.

Eddie Howe's Newcastle, supposedly the richest club in the World, would have to match and go a whole heap higher than Citeh's bid to even stand a chance of wresting Paqueta from East London! Sometimes it beggars belief what is 'leaked by agents' or spuriously written in the media, but in this instance who ever 'broke' the story is having a right royal 'Girraffe' at their readers expense.

£50 Million? Double that and Newcastle might stand an even chance, triple it and they could be in with a REAL chance, but valuing Paqueta at Fifty? Someone needs to learn their Maths don't they?

Because Newcastle's original take over by a 'pariah' state that kills journalists continues to be under extremely close scrutiny, there is no way they will be able to get away with ANY FFP shenanigans, meaning they simply CANNOT afford Paqueta.

Newcastle fans deserve their moment of glory having waited so long for it, the fact that their club is financed dubiously won't put them off either. But if they think they can just swoop into London and 'heist' one of the best players in European football for a song, they had better try hosting the Eurovision Song Contest where they would likely have more success! - Ed



The latest stats released this morning show Paquetta as having made the most tackles in the Premier League so far. We all know what a mercurial talent he is, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he is such a hard worker too.

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