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Where Do The Other Clubs Find Their Money?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 11/05/2021 - 10:27

If you cast your eye over the various media reports, you wouldn't be blamed for thinking that West Ham United are the only Barclays Premier League club to be virtually broke, news of a £65 Million loss which is apparently only the tip of the financial iceberg, has been broadcast almost with glee!

Reports are awash that Hammers can't afford to sign on loan star Jesse Lingard permanently, with Manchester United demanding too much money for him, or depending where you read it, that any deal is going to be scuppered by the player's wage demands, and so on.

The same 'money's too tight to mention' mantra has been rolled out regarding ANY impending incoming transfer, so it looks like West Ham will be behind a juggernaut of other clubs when it comes to player recruitment and retention, well that's a revelation isn't it? The grim fact is that just about EVERY team in the top flight is struggling with the consequences of the Covid pandemic, so some of the figures being quoted for player sales and player's wages are quite frankly ludicrous!

On the one hand it is possible to read reports that Haarland' greedy agent, is looking to get a staggering £1 Million per week for his 'client', doubtless to be paid by one of the 'dirty dozen' clubs that attempted to break away in the now defunct 'super league'. The clubs who were involved are the ones mainly responsible for wages and fees hitting the glass ceiling, even BEFORE the Pandemic.

Talks of wage caps etc in the past have always fallen on deaf ears, with no one prepared to stand firm, because all the other clubs would not comply and just grab players with offers of extra cash and kudos. Ironically the Pandemic HAS been a leveller, with most clubs brought to their knees by their loss of incomes, the situation may be dreadful in the UK, but is is almost cataclysmic in France, and not much better in Spain or Italy.

Of course there will still be some 'stupidly expensive transfers', along with some unmanageable wages paid out, but generally it won't happen, because the pre-Covid business plan of most clubs is untenable, at least until crowds can be guaranteed to be in attendance.

The vast majority of clubs have taken out loans to off set their losses during the last twelve months, normally this would be the beginning of the end for many of them, fortunately interest rates are so incredibly low compared to the past that it will be possible for them to survive once things return to relative normality.

Before jumping on the board's back, it is worth looking at the reality of other clubs, excluding Manchester City, Chelsea and Everton, all of which have benefactors with seemingly endless resources. Clubs that DO spend like before will become the fiscal equivalent of a flying bumble bee.

Player sales are a route for funding, however everyone, save the exceptions previously mentioned, is in the same boat and it will be interesting to see just how much 'normal' clubs give their respective managers to play with, judge then, not now on their actions. - Ed



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I'm guessing the so called big six, although I don't think the Arse have much more than a pot to piss in aside. In fact Everton are probably more financially equipped. The rest including ourselves will find it a great leveller. This is where smart recruitment must play it's biggest part. Moyes and the gang should be targeting lower league players, that can become a force to be reckoned with. There is always the Czech conveyor belt too I hope.

Having dabbled with Bowen and Benrahma, who both have swum and not sank. There must be another Vardy out there. I don't know how other clubs finance themselves minus the top six. But someone out there will unearth a couple of gems. Lets hope it's us..........

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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Than one that ruins itself financially...and i would rather us spend sensibly than like the Pellegrini for papers social media and there rumours we all no that we are there fav punching bag and got to come up with stories because we have had the audacity to mix it with the so called big six all season.

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Dont cough up after having our best season ever in the prem then we were right about them all along,no excuses imo

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