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Yarmo Won't Be There!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sun, 20/03/2022 - 07:58

Andriy Yarmolenko's heroic exploits of the last fortnight go some way to show how important the game of football can be through entire countries and communities, his home country Ukraine is still under remorseless assault by Mad Monk Putin's overwhelming but under performing military, football has now become a forgotten pleasure.

The fact that Yarmo was able to return with such strength from the leave of absence granted by the club in order for him to organise the expatriation of his family is testament to the player's fortitude, for which he will never be forgotten. 'Elite' Football at the highest level is a business though, a cut throat one at that, so when it comes to the question of Yarmolenko's contract winding down at West Ham, there is a definite need to separate the emotional from the practical.

Despite scoring not one but TWO vital goals for the club in the absence of Jarrod Bowen, Yarmo is NOT a Premier League player, he lacks the pace required to cope with the frenetic activity that makes the EPL the most viewed and hallowed League in World football.

Financially, signing Yarmo WAS AN ABSOLUTE DISASTER, it wasn't his fault the club handed him a ludicrous £115,000 per week four year deal despite him having previous injury issues, after all he didn't snap his Achilles for fun did he? With Yarmo it was always a question of square peg and round hole, he just didn't fit but that is not to say he couldn't flourish in a slower paced league like Serie A for example.

We wish Yarmo all the very best for the future, but we also wish West Ham all the very best for the future and as such retaining Yarmolenko's services would be a very wrong move for the club. - Ed



Setting aside the emotion of late,hes a quality player but injuries & lack of playing time has disrupted his westham career.His wages etc were a product of the Pellegrini era,money to burn on ridiculously over hyped useless players.Just goes to show imo that the dildos have a lot more under the mattress than we are led to believe.He will never be forgotten for the last week or so & that's good enough for me

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Yarmo is well liked by his piers at the club and he will always be popular, my feeling is he will retire after his contract expires. As he must be mentally exhausted by whats going on in his homeland and will have a nice nest egg, to boot..

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