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Lingard Alternative Already In Place

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sun, 16/05/2021 - 11:06

Jesse Ligard's impact since he arrived at the London Stadium on loan from Manchester United has been nothing short of brilliant, goals, assists, you name it. Such have been his performances that his value has rocketed to the point where it is becoming increasingly unreachable by West Ham.

Manchester would not sanction a 'right to buy' clause in lingard's loan deal, consequently they will use his 'contribution' to Hammers unlikely, and ultimately failed, attempt at reaching the Champions League as a rod to break the Irons back, essentially they will price West Ham out of the market, as there are plenty of other suitors out there for his services both at home and abroad.

There are some who say the quality of Lingard's performances have dropped significantly of late, as is often the case when a player has 'come in from the cold', their adrenalin levels are on 'full chaff' initially, but then the physicality of what they are doing catches up with them.

It may be unfair to judge Lingard over the last few games because the 'nuts and bolts' of the team have changed so much due to injury and suspension, obviously the most notable being Declan Rice, how the team has missed him for the previous six games, a run which saw all the good work of the previous months come undone.

With the Champions League now out of sight barring a miracle, Hammers have to pick themselves up and ensure qualification for the Europa League at a high enough position to avoid the preliminary rounds, or the dreaded and awfully named 'conference' Cup!

One player who may well prove to be invaluable for the remaining games is Said Benrahma, his sublime goal against Brighton to draw Hammers level was hopefully his first of many for the club, the weight will have been lifted from his shoulders and fans will now see the real player inside that has just been waiting to shine.

David Moyes responded when asked by reporters whether that goal was what Benrahma has been waiting for and suggested that he is hoping that there is more to come from the talented winger.“Yes, and so have we. We have been waiting on a goal and we got one tonight. We brought him in with that in mind and I am glad he has got that first goal and hopefully he will go on and get a lot more.”

One of the reasons Moyes has been unable to select Benrahma in his starting line up is that Lingard and the Algerian International play a similar style of football, so the Hammers manager has been spoiled for choice, but has had to try and accommodate an 'expensive' loan signing, in conjunction with a loan signing made 'expensively' permanent.

The lower in the table Hammers finish, the less likelihood there will be of making Lingard's loan deal permanent, and David Moyes, who everyone now realises is NOT a managerial dinosaur, has a track record of guiding players through the tricky task of facing top quality teams week in week out, and he could well be forced to 'convert' Benrahma to replace Lingard.

This is not as easy a task as it looks, Moyes took months to integrate Jarrod Bowen in to the first team after he had arrived from Hull City, likewise he took a long time to fully utilise the 'Duracell Bunny' that is Pablo Fornals , but Benrahma has it all in his locker to become a truly great player for West Ham, his silky skills will be a crowd pleaser when fans are finally able to attend games, and it is testimony to the players temperament that he has got his head down and worked hard when given the opportunity, a prerequisite for any Moyes first teamer.

Of course in an ideal world West Ham will make lingard's move permanent, but we don't live in an ideal world, and as we have said before, Lingard's form has dipped of late, and it will be interesting to see how he gets on against the Baggies and the Saints in the final two games of the Barclays Premier League season. - Ed



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I too feel that Lingard has been a Fantastic loan signing.... Probably the best this season and I can't remember many better at this point in time. But we absolutely benefited from the Euphoria that Lingard has experienced, in playing first team football and it also looks like Man U will also benefit transfer wise as I don't believe that Ole really fancies him as a player and Lingards options at this stage have expanded ten fold.
As much as I like Jesse, I have a funny feeling that West Ham isn't a big enough stage for him as a player, who is looking to burn brightly on the big stage at the peak of his career.
I would rather we went out and brought a player on the up and willing to give everything for the club.
I agree with all that Jesse maybe isn't for us and there are better value choices for our club out there.

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Lingard is keeping a perfectly adequate player out of the first team in Benrahma and lets face it was nothing more than a panic loan signing in the hunt for goals having let a striker leave without a suitable replacement such was the reluctance of the board to pay out for the likes of Callum Wilson, Josh King and the likes. Yes, undisputedly, Lingard did the business, an unknown quantity in a new team and took the opposition by surprise. I reckon it's fair to say the honeymoon period is now over and Jesse is now getting more attention than he'd like and the original problem has resurfaced, that of not having a recognisable striker. With Lanzini, Benrahma and, to a lesser degree Anderson in the wings I say we don't really need Lingard. Priority is a striker and put Antonio back on that right wing instead of Bowen. With a suitable target man up front I think we could yet see the Benrahma quality that he was at Brentford.

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A few of us said at the time why not? He would have been unreal for us

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I hope Moyes goes all out to get Lingard, quality player, has transformed the attack when he came into the side.He is a CAM ,not a striker,some seem to forget.Westham need more firepower up front ,goals from all the front players not just the striker, Antonio.That's where Westham have been weak over the years ,being too reliant on one player to get the goals.I rate the Sparta Prague forward Westham are after:
The record of injuries that Antonio has, he cannot be relied on as first team striker, need a quality replacement.

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I don't like Lingard. He has the wrong attitude for West Ham, it's all about him. Last nights showing was embarrassing. Rolling around on the floor at any given opportunity, hoping to get someone to kick the ball out. Boils my piss like you wouldn't imagine. Yes he's talented, I cant deny that. But he knows it too, continuously gesturing when not passed to. Yes he's done us a turn but lets not forget, it's all for his profile and re-emergence in the England squad. Benrahma has got twice the skill of Lingard and half the attitude. The sooner Jesse Jeffs off the better. We are West Ham, not Jesse Lingards West Ham show....!!

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