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Moore 6 Legend ( Stan)

Submitted by Hammers65 on Tue, 21/12/2021 - 10:54

Just a shout out,havnt heard from you in a long time on here know you weren't in the best of health & I hope all is well?
All the best mate

and hope everyone on the org is in good health at this time. Let’s look forward to a good Xmas and a bright new year and enjoy our teams performances.

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Some news about our fellow orger, we have just heard from his Son who assures us that while his Dad is in ill health, he's still about although he is suffering from high blood pressure and of course is feeling pretty down about things!
Here is a snippet of what he wrote: Hi Nev and all the team at the Org.
Thank you all and the boys for your concern about my Dad.
Would just like to thank you all again for your concerns regarding my Dad. He hopes to be back in the near future as I know how much he loves the Org.
He sends his love to the boys and wishes you all a happy new year.

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Thanks so much Nev for the update.Glad Stans boy has let us know about his Dad,sending our best wishes to Moore 6 Legend & his family,Happy New Year mate & hope you get back on here,love your banter & humour pal! COYI xx

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