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The Boys Are Back In Town

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 01/02/2024 - 14:56

Forget all the transfer bowlucks eschewing from the media, tonight's most important bit of news for West Ham is that the Boys are back in town, well almost! MoKudus and Jarrod Bowen are ready to take up where they left off before the winter break for AFCON and the Premier League.

Only Lucas Paqueta is likely to be missing from the three 'musketeers' Hammers front line and there is even an outside chance that Hammers Brazilian magnifico 'Pacman' might make the bench.

If ever a club needed to be shown how much they need their essential players then West Ham were it, devoid of the above-mentioned three Hammers were toothless in attack and pedantic in their transition, well that's all about to change!

The only real question fans should be asking is who is going to make way for Kalvin Phillips? Bit Tomy Soucek is the obvious contender, but if he is freed up from covering the defence ALL the time he might be able to make the late marauding runs into the box he is SO good at.

So long as the starting line up does NOT include Danny Ings or Aaron Cresswell, most fans will be happy. In fact most fans would prefer neither of them to be in the squad at all, although given the paucity of options up front Ings will definitely be on the bench!

If Hammers manage to retain Ben Johnson and maybe get one more player in then this window can be considered as a very successful one. All the transfer windows are a distraction, one that Hammers DON"T need, far better to concentrate on firming up a top six or heaven forbid a top five position in the league, they will NEVER have a similar chance for years to come.

Manchester United and Chelsea CANNOT continue to be as inept as they have this season, so now is the time for the club to push to the limit all those who want to play and CAN play, starting tonight! -Ed



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Watching these other teams play with pace and passion has left me longing for our more sedate approach!

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The performance against Bournemouth must have warmed the cockles for you then bike. Anymore sedate and they've have been asleep.

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Got to say. Having seen Ings up close and personal in his best game for us yet against the blunts. Notwithstanding how popular he is with the away irons support, he can do it, I'm converted..

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