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Our new signing

Submitted by Red Neck Iron on Thu, 25/01/2018 - 17:13

Ok mario looks likely to sign bbc saying he is having a medical. My question is, has anyone seen him play? I have no idea what we are getting. I was led to believe he is a creative midfielder. Yes we do need one but wasn't Moyes looking for a defensive one primarily? I just hope to god he is Moyes' man and not a Sullivan one.

is he the little guy with a moustache ,his friends call him super !!!!?

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According to BBC transfers he is now one of us. Hopefully he is the real deal and will fit in to Moyes plans but we still need a couple more players to cover our injuries.

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It's learning how to play in the EPL that will take time, if he can do it at all. Let's give him a chance. What could possibly go wrong?

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have you been shown the sick bay, its where you find most of our players

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He met them all whilst having his medical. He thought they were all there to greet him and he felt loved from the first minute so signed on the dotted line. It was only when he left and they all stayed he realised he may have been duped!

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It was like the London underground during the blitz wall to wall bodys ,bandages and cruches ,they were even havin a sing song

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Burkie 1

Really a lot of shit about him on F B the Itti fans seem to be avin a larf ,i dont like the smell of it i tell you

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